Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement resources for researchers

For all researchers

Resources and training for public involvement in research – NIHR – Gateway to NIHR involvement resources

National Standards for Public Involvement– NIHR – comprehensive standards and principles

Public Involvement Resource Hub – Imperial College London – comprehensive overview, including links to resources and online training

Patient involvement toolkit for researchers – Cancer Research UK – comprehensive overview and guidance

PPI resources for applicants to NIHR research programmes – NIHR – links to guidance on key considerations for applicants

Public involvement in NHS, health and social care research – NIHR – comprehensive briefing notes

Guide for Researchers – Leeds BRC – bitesize guide and tips

People in Research – NIHR – opportunities for involvement (matching researchers and individuals)

Guidance on co-producing a research project – NIHR – explanation of key elements of co-production

Being Inclusive in Public Involvement in Health Research – NIHR – brief summary of key considerations

Reflections on reflecting: how to promote diversity in patient and public involvement – NIHR – blog

Researchers’ experiences of patient and public involvement – Healthtalk – interviews with researchers (videos)

What is PPI in research? Why does it matter? -Healthtalk – interviews with patient contributors (videos)

Lab-based researchers

A practical guide to patient and public involvement in lab-based research  -Parkinson’s UK – comprehensive and practical guidance

Clinical trial researchers, life science company researchers, and organisations partnering with industry

Engage with patients to improve your clinical trial design – NIHR – a patient engagement service for the life sciences industry

Supporting patient and public involvement in industry-led research: a guide for charities – Charities Research Involvement Group / Health Research Charities Ireland – step-by-step guidance with case studies


Other organisations have pulled together useful directories of external PPIE resources:

Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) directory

NI Public Health Agency directory

Published research priorities, patient-led

NIHR publishes the most important unanswered research questions across a range of conditions, as determined by patients and clinicians (through JLA ‘priority setting partnerships’ or PSPs). They are a good place to start when developing and refining research questions.

NIHR /JLA top research priorities